LB Research is a field service company for marketing research.

We provide our customers with all the tools and the skills needed for data collection, data processing, analysis and interpretation of results.

We cover the whole Italian territory as well as Europe and United States thanks to ten-year partnerships with trusted partners.

Quantitative interviews:

  • By phone (CATI)
  • At respondent’s home (CAPI)
  • In central location (CAPI/CAWI)
  • Self-completed over the Web (CAWI)

Qualitative interviews:

  • By phone
  • Face-to-face, at respondent’s place or in central location
  • Online, including dispatching the link to participants, “tutoring”, handling of stimulus materials and audio+video recording

Focus Groups:

  • Group sessions in the classic location with one-way mirror and audio+video recording, in all major Italian cities
  • Organization and management of online groups including dispatching links to participants, “tutoring”, management of stimulus materials and audio+video recording of the session

Mistery Shopping

  • Our Mystery Shoppers cover all the major Italian cities
  • The careful study of the scenarios, the meticulous preparation of the business and the scrupulous attention of our “undercover buyers” allow us to conduct high quality observations both for the world of services and for the sales of goods of any kind

Product Tests and Sensory Analysis

We have conducted tests for:

  • Fragrances for detergents and softeners
  • Room fragrances
  • Fresh and frozen foods
  • Hot and chilled drinks
  • Smartphones
  • Cosmetics and body products
  • Vitamin supplements

And who knows…

  • We have conducted desk research on various topics, from batteries for boats to campers, from the luxury market to construction equipment and much more.
  • We organized a car clinic and helped one of our clients make one
  • We have conducted a test on the “swallowability” of capsules for medicinal products
  • We develop ad-hoc software for the specific needs of our customers
  • We program and make questionnaires available on our platform for customers who want to conduct a survey by their own

We love to think and help find solutions!

Data Processing:

  • Statistical tables
  • Data map recoding
  • Coding
  • Database normalization and clean

Statistical Analysis:

  • Correspondence analysis
  • Factor analysis
  • Cluster analysis
  • Price sensitivity